Uption.io - Personal Development via Book Mastermind Groups

Join a mastermind group focused on reading personal development books.

Stay committed to your self-improvement by reading inspirational books with others who share similar goals. Sign up, join a group focused on reading the same book, and explore how the lessons you learn will impact your life. With each book you will find a new group of friends ready to inspire you further.

How does it work?

Select a book

Once you register you will be able to select the books you want to read. You can select an unlimited number of books.

Make Your request

Request to be placed in a group to read your selected book based on your location, preferred group size, and your schedule.

Get matched and start

We review our list of requests daily. We send group invitations once we have enough interest to form a group that meets your needs.


Why join?

It can be hard to find a tribe of people to join you on your self-improvement journey. When you register you know you will be joining a group that wants to both support you and be supported by you. It's clear that making a commitment and surrounding yourself with people who will encourage you will help you reach your goals.

Who will I be matched with?

Other people like you who want to improve themselves and discuss the material they are reading. Initially we are focused on the Americas time zones and languages, but hope to make this a world-wide platform.

How do the groups work?

Once matched with others you will receive an invitation to join a group with a proposed start date approximately two weeks in the future. After you and the other invitees confirm your participation, you will receive an email introduction with an invite to a repeating Zoom meeting that matches the accepted schedule. We plan to implement a messaging feature or email anonymizer in the near future, as well as provide guidance on how to get the most ouf of a mastermind and organize a book club.

How much does this cost?

It will always be free to subscribe and participate in one book mastermind. After that, you will need to purchase an annual subscription. The first 100 or so members will be offered the introductory rate of $40 per year, an 80% discount from the planned standard price of $200 per year. 10% of proceeds will go to Ferst Readers, a charity that helps bring books to kids in need. We have no official affiliation with this charity but think helping others gain literacy is important.

Can I get a refund?

Absolutely. You have 60 days from time of purchase to request a refund, no questions asked.

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