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How to Host a Book Mastermind

Classic Book Clubs

Book clubs have been around probably, well, almost as long as books have been around. It should come as no surprise that a Google search yields numerous tips and tricks when it comes to organizing one, and that much of the advice is similar.

The goal with this article is not to rehash easily available advice, but rather to sort through what is out there that is specifically applicable to the type of book club we are organizing here at Uption - that of a mastermind book club.

The typical steps to starting a book club are:

  1. Invite members
  2. Pick a book
  3. Pick a time to meet
  4. Read the book
  5. Meet to discuss (with monthly being the most common advice so that group members can read the book)

The Book Mastermind Model

Using Uption creates some key difference that are worth reviewing. With Uption, your first step is to select the book or books you want to read.

You are able to create an unlimited amount of requests to be matched in a group. Each request includes not only the book you want to read, but the best time for you to meet and the frequency that you wish to meet.

While most books clubs meet monthly after completely reading a book, at Uption we suggest meeting more often - weekly or bi-weekly - to discuss the book as you read it.

Another differentiator is that mastermind groups formed via Uption only last for as long as it takes to read the selected book. While we encourage members to stay connected, we want to encourage as many new connections as possible, and one way to do that is by constantly building new groups.

We also suggest that the first session occur ahead of reading the book so that members can introduce themselves and learn about what each person hopes to gain from reading the book.

With these differences in mind, participating in a book mastermind via Uption looks like:

  1. Pick the book you want to read next
  2. Get placed in a group with others who match your schedule
  3. Hold a get to know each other meeting
  4. Meet weekly to discuss the book and how it applies to your life
  5. Expand your network by keeping in touch with those you connected with, even as you get placed in new groups in the future

A Few More Suggestions

We suggest that each group rotate the responsibility for leading the discussion. The easiest way would be to change responsibility each week based on first names in alphabetical order. The goal for the group leader should simply be to keep the discussion moving.

An hour long book club with five participants easily gives each person 10 minutes to share their thoughts, with time left over for small talk or administrative discussions at the beginning or end of the meeting. A great plan would be to allow each person to share their thoughts for five minutes, and for the group to give their responses to that person for five minutes.

Our goal is to eventually provide a guide for discussing key topics specific to each book. In cases where a specific guide is not available, we offer the below key questions that can help prompt discussion within the group:

  • What is your number one take away from your reading this week?
  • Describe an event in your past where the knowledge you now have could have made a difference?
  • What about this portion of the book is applicable to your life right now?
  • What about this portion of the book do you hope to apply in the future?

Please share your thoughts by sending an email to hello@uption.io. What do you think? What questions do you think should be asked each meeting? What has your experience been? How often do you think book clubs should meet? What are the differences between past book clubs you have participated in and Uption masterminds? It is always great to hear from you.

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