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The Leadership Book Series

Here at Uption, the big idea is to help you read more and get more out of reading. That is why it is so exciting to announce the launch of the Leadership Book Series. Former and current military leaders host moderated discussions of six books over the span of half a year. The selected books cover the gambit of military leadership, business best practices, and mindset. If you lead an organization of any size, you will get value from these discussions or you will get your money back.

The biggest question posed about the Leadership Book Series to date is:

What can a military leader teach me about running my business?

Well, to be fair, a former Air Force wing commander or Army platoon leader probably will not be of assistance when it comes to calculating EBITA. However, you probably can’t pick a better mentor when it comes to setting a vision or goals for your organization, establishing standards for performance, training and motivating subordinates to the task at hand, leading people under pressure, and providing effective feedback.

Launching or operating your business requires much more than just leadership, but getting perspective from those for whom leadership is their business will give you an edge when you need it the most. Leaders can be found at all levels of the military, in all branches, among both officers and enlisted ranks. Those chosen to lead will all have spent months, and in some cases years, in leadership training before taking command.

Officers are focused on leadership from the outset of their careers. While they must demonstrate technical proficiency, from the beginning of their time serving they occupy leadership positions or serve on the staffs supporting more senior leaders.

While enlisted members aren’t immediately placed into leadership roles, those that rise to be placed in leadership positions have years of experience and accept significant responsibility.

Ready to register? Visit our Leadership page and fill out a short form. Not entirely convinced? That's okay, and why you will get your money refunded with no questions asked, if you aren't satisfied with what you get from the series. Uption is here to serve you and to make certain that you receive the value and service you expect.

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