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Join the leadership book club moderated by military leaders

Join a small cohort focused on building leadership skills. Together you will discover the leadership lessons from a selection of well known books. Monthly discussions are moderated by an experienced military leader who draws on their own background to help you get the most from each text.

How does it work?


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We will assign you to a group of individuals that match your schedule and leadership goals.

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The Book List

Band of Brothers

Stephen E. Ambrose

Hal Moore on Leadership

Lt Gen Harold G. Moore

George Marshall

David L. Roll

Let's Talk

Therese Huston

Good to Great

Jim Collins


Daniel H. Pink


How does this work?

We build cohorts of no more than five leaders. Cohorts read one book per month, with a moderated discussion on the leadership principles identified in the book. Sessions allow cohort members to share their views as well as seek input from the moderator on specific leadership questions raised in the text. The moderated group discussions are considered mandatory.

Who are the moderators?

All moderators are current or former U.S. military leaders, both commissioned and non-commissioned officers. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience based on extensive careers leading between 40 and 1,500 soldiers. This includes practical leadership experience, often gained in some of the most stressful environments possible. Read our blog post on taking business leadership advice from military veterans if the idea strikes you as a bit curious.

How is this different from a coach or mastermind?

Coaching is often private, tailored to specific needs, and not usually focused strictly on leadership principles. Masterminds allow for peer group discussions, but don’t always allow for deep focus on one issue. We focus on one topic, leadership, and offer a leadership expert as a moderator. It’s neither a coaching session nor a mastermind, but falls somewhere in between.

Who will be in my cohort?

Cohorts will be assigned based on the size of the organization led by the members, the industry, and any other pertinent details provided during registration. Cohorts are matched with moderators who have the experience to share useful insights.

What is required of me?

Expect to spend about 15 minutes a day reading. A moderated discussion follows the completion of each book, each lasting approximately one hour depending on the size of the group.

Anything else I should know?

As an early stage startup there may be changes to the format and experience as you provide feedback. The discounted pricing reflects this. Any changes that occur will be based on feedback from you, our first clients, and are intended to improve the experience.

Simple Pricing

Big discounts for early adopters. Pricing is based on the number of people that you lead. Student discounts are also available for those in associates, bachelors, and master programs, as well as recent graduates.




Leaders of up to 50 people.



Leaders of 50 to 150 people.



Leaders of over 150 people.

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